Project ACL-UFMG

Project in process in ACL-UFMG  

The project " Conservation and Definitive Installation of the Acervo Curt Lange - UFMG " began in January of 2005. This is of one of the 141 approved projects among 3.636 projects enrolled in the Petrobras Cultural Program, proclamation 2003/2004.  

The Acervo Curt Lange - one of the most important documental archives of Latin America, that UFMG has the privilege and the responsibility of guarding - will receive, with this project, appropriate treatment for the conservation, definitive treatment in what concerns the archival and informationalaspects, besides physical facilities and appropriate equipments.  

Practically all the stages are ended, from the preparation of the new facilities - divisórias repair, installation of double door, preparation of the lining and floor, acquisition of equipments and furniture - to the activities of cleaning and treatment for conservation of the documents, the publication of the Guide of the Acervo Curt Lange, that is in distribution phase.  
If you work in an latin-american institution linked  to the teaching and the research in music, please register to gratuitously receive a copy. 

Through this new site - that does part of the Project - the community can accompany each step of the a lot of activities of the project, that will close up in July of 2006.