Welcome to the new page of the Acervo Curt Lange, in the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - UFMG.  

The personal archive of the Teuto-Uruguayan musicologist Francisco Curt Lange (Eilenburg, 1903 - Montevideo, 1997) was integrated into the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais in 1995, receiving then the denomination of Acervo Curt Lange - UFMG (or briefly ACL-UFMG).  

Result of his intense and varied activity, the existent documentation in the archive registers the daily of the Latin-American musical life along practically the whole twentieth century. It is  therefore a very important documentation for the musical research, as well as for the study of the evolution of  musicology in Latin America.

The treatment of the ACL-UFMG was carried out by several interdisciplinary teams since 1997 and is based especially on the ISAD(G) - General International Standard of Archival Description, published by the International Council of Archives.

The Guide of the Curt Lange Archive was published through the project "Conservation and Definitive Installation of the ACL-UFMG" in December 2005. 1500 copies were sent gratuitously for institutions related with teaching and music research in  several countries, above all in Latin America. You can enroll to receive news from the Acervo Curt Lange-UFMG through our registration form.

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